Ophthalmologists for Better Government

Your state society's political advocacy starts with the WAO political action committee -- the Ophthalmologists for Better Government PAC. The PAC has been a strong advocate for Eye MDs in Wisconsin by helping to support the election of candidates for state office, primarily the state Assembly and the State Senate. 

A top goal of the PAC is to help elect officeholders who understand the importance of a medical education and the training received by an ophthalmologist, as well as those who are committed to maintaining accessible and high quality medical/surgical eye care.  We seek to support candidates who either have demonstrated through votes in the legislature or by their statements that they agree with our concerns about eye care in Wisconsin.  We also consider positions on other issues, including access to eye care, tort reform and medical malpractice issues, Medicaid and a range of topics which would affect medical practices and small business owners in general.

Among the factors the committee considers when determining support for a candidate are:

  • Stated or demonstrated positions on issues important to ophthalmologists
  • Service on relevant legislative committees
  • Leadership positions in the legislature or other state government activities
  • Personal recommendation of an WAO member
  • Support from other medical professions
  • Electability - i.e., likelihood of success in the election

The Ophthalmologists for Better Government PAC is a state political action committee.  We do not make any contributions to candidates for federal office, such as Congress.

Financial Support from Ophthalmologists 

The Ophthalmologists for Better Government PAC is funded through contributions of ophthalmologists throughout the state.  

Ophthalmologists -- WE NEED YOUR DONATIONS!  You can contribute online now...we suggest a donation of just a dollar a day -- $365 -- but any amount will be greatly appreciated!  Join the Ophthalmologists for Better Government PAC's "Leadership Team" by making a $1,000 contribution.


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